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Must have Business Relationships

The 4 relationships every business owner should have

When we Google what we need to start a business we get things like business plans, funding, insurance, marketing, accounting systems and sales strategy. If we Google key business relationships, we find words like vendors, customers and partnerships. But what about the people that help us to succeed beyond what we thought we could? Or keep us accountable? Or the friends who cheer us on when we need that little push, or allow us to crumple and feel all the feels in the moment we are most defeated?

Why are these relationships not the first ones to come up?

Because we don’t talk about the soul crushing moments in business. Because we don’t advertise that we have had majestic meltdowns that cripple us for hours. Because we’re taught at an early age to be independent and not ask for help. It’s not intentional, by any means. It’s so we learn how to do things. Trying and failing gives us experience. So does tapping into a network of people to help us through a little easier.

So what relationships should we have?

Mentor. Coach. Cheerleader. Friend.


A mentor is all about success. This person has already had the success you wish to achieve. The key, though, is to not ask a stranger to be your mentor. I heard a great analogy recently that asking a stranger is like the children’s book with the chicken going around to all the barnyard animals asking if they were his mommy. Don’t do that.

The best way to gain a mentor is to nurture the relationship and add value to that person. If you like what they are doing, emulate it. If what they share on social media is impacting you, share it, chances are it will impact someone else as well. Have passion and drive and excellent follow through skills.

Would you mentor yourself?


A coach is for accountability, but so much more. A coach challenges your thinking and your goals. Builds your confidence and helps you get out of your head and your comfort zone.

Why is this important? You’ve been seeing success so far, right?

Coaches do not have the emotional attachment that you do to your stuff. We see your goals and realize you can do more, that you have underestimated your ability to achieve more. We see your self-doubt and walk you through the logical pieces of why that’s not true. We see you…


A cheerleader is peppy and optimistic. Sometimes annoyingly so, but when you are sitting in your chair, in front of your computer, trying to your best to focus and all you can see are the times you failed… Call your cheerleader. This person is the best at reminding you how far you’ve come. At reminding you that a year ago you didn’t know how to do what you’re doing today. This person can help you break it all down into micro-steps. This person is your gratitude journal… personified.


A friend is the most vital piece to your business puzzle. Considering I am a coach and I am telling you that a friend is the most important person in your business journey, it’s a safe bet that if you have only this role filled you will see some success. You will eventually reach your goals.

This person, your friend, allows you to be the most authentic version of you at all times. Your friend will hold you when you cry your ugliest of cries. Your friend will also flip into your cheerleader. Your friend will remind you just how kickass you are all the damn time!

Your friend will see you more than any other person on this list. And this, my friend, is why when you start a business you need to have one person forever in your corner.

There will be tough hours, you can manage those.

There will be tough days, your cheerleader will do a great job.

There will be tough weeks and here is where your friendship will pull you through.

Ask any successful business owner who they have in their life and all of them will tell you that one or more people fill each of these roles. They will also tell you they have an advisory board, or board of directors and consistent meetings with those people in order to check in on their vision and goals.

Find yourself a mentor, a coach, a cheerleader and a friend, your future self will thank you!

With Gratitude,

Rina is a Business Resiliency Coach, Super Connector, Speaker and Small Business Advocate. She works with small business owners to overcome fear, set boundaries and stop the emotional attachments to expectations. To learn more, connect with her.

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